To become a high-quality small launch vehicle manufacturer
and one-stop commercial launch service provider.
CEO Zhang Changwu Speech
Human’s footsteps for exploring the universe never stop while the cause of launch vehicle is growing. LandSpace, as the vital force in domestic private commercial launch vehicle, is starting off again along the road that China’s space predecessors took 60 years ago.
As the pioneer among domestic private launch vehicle R&D enterprises, LandSpace is committed to becoming a world-class Chinese launch vehicle enterprise. Based on Design in China and Made in China, LandSpace’s small launch vehicle has become domestic the first, also so far the only one, private commercial launch vehicle provider that has begun to serve international launch service market.
“The space dream that we are ceaselessly pursuing is to explore the vast universe, develop the space cause and build an space powerhouse. ” This is the expectation of General Secretary Xi Jinping towards China’s space cause. We will adopt this objective as the blueprint and keep serving global commercial space market with China’s quality space products and services.
About the LandSpace
Beijing LandSpace Technology Corporation Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as LandSpace) is an innovative space enterprise in the strategic context of national civil-military integration, mainly targeting domestic and international commercial launch demands of micro- and small-satellite manufacturers, operators, scientific research institutions and higher education institutions. LandSpace develops LandSpace series launch vehicle, and offers system solutions including launcher, launch site coordination, TT&C, insurance placement, etc.
LandSpace is committed to becoming the test platform for China’s space innovation technology, the test platform for new products of national security and support system, and the national platform that provides space-related services.
As part of and an effective supplement to China’s space, LandSpace gives play to its technological innovation capability of the talent team under the guidance of national policies, extensively expands its product supply chain system, stimulate the activity of existing national and social industrial system resources, guides the investment of social capital into space technology and products, speeds up theimplementation of national high-end equipment innovation and development project and Made in China 2025.
Development goals
LandSpace expects to offer high-frequency launch opportunities to the market starting from 2018 with an overall launch capacity 2000~4000kg to low-earth orbit. LandSpace hopes that it can better master core technologies and win a greater market share with more flexible, quicker and quality services, thereby making its contribution to the innovation and entrepreneurship in China’s space field.
Blue arrow management by domestic and international cooperation in space launch experts, domestic leader in the field of micro satellite, rocket and satellite launch in long term.
The program is composed of experts who have participated in many space missions, and have rich experience in international cooperation.
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